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Euro Indicators

The Euro (a nymph indicator that gives you a split second advantage)

This shallow water fishing technique utilizing the ultra sensitive Euro indicator was perfected by a friend in California working Eastern Sierra streams.  Not to ne confused with the longer nylon sighter used for Czeck nymphing (tight line method with vertical drifts), our version is made of dacron and is meant to drift on the surface horizontally to the river bed making it  ideal and spectacularly effective for shallow water situations where a traditional indicator will not work.

This one addition to your tackle box could give you a split second advantage to catch and release more trout.  You will also have something that will help you effectively target fish holding waters you may have been passing up. Check out our videos below to see the Euro indicator in action.

Our euro indicators are available in two models: the Euros with a loop attaches directly to your fly line for off color water or small streams where you don't need a long cast. The In-line euro is for clear shallow waters where the fish may be spooked by your fly line.

How to Rig

Loop/ring or loop/loop version

Euro rigging instructions.jpg

In-line version

In line euro pic.jpg
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