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Rigged In-line Euro Indicator


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Rigged In-line Euro Indicator 

One rigged 9 ft leader consisting of 6ft of tapered nylon leader (with loop for connection to fly line), a 6" In-line Euro Indicator (Orange or Yellow), and 30" of fluro leader attached to a 2mm  tippet ring. 

Just add the appropriate size split shot above the tippet ring, then add 12” to 18” of 5x or 6x tippet to the first fly, then 5 or 6x to the 2nd fly. This is a great rig to target shallow water fish when the water is crystal clear and the fish are easily spooked by your fly line. With a regular nymph indicator it is difficult to detect strikes, but with the In-Line euro the flies drift down the feeding in a straight line and takes are easily detected.

 Your finished set up should look like this:


Rigged In-line Euro Indicator

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