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Package of 2

Rigged Euro Indicator

availible in Orange or Yellow

This is exactly the rig we use to fish the shallows with the euro Indicator:

Includes 2 rigged sets of a loop/ring Euro, 2 1/2 feet of 3x Fluorocarbon, and a 2mm tippet ring.

Simply attach the Euro to your flyline at the loop, add whatever split shot the conditons call for above the tippet ring, then tie on your 5x or 6x tippet to the ring and tie on your flies (12"-15" to the 1st fly, then the same to the 2nd). We recommend using fluorocarbon tippet to your flies as it doesn't cast a shadow on the streambed like nylon tippet does in shallow water. Our Euros are treated to aid in floatation, however a floatant may be applied from time to time if needed.

Rigged euro Indicator

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