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In-Line Euro Indicator (pack of 3)

This model of the Euro is for clearer shallow water where the fish may be spooked by the fly line.

available in: orange or yellow (yellow not shown).

This in-line version of the Euro Indicator has rings at both ends for placement in the middle of the leader for a nymph rig set up (diagram below), as opposed to the regular Euro attached directly to the fly line. Ideal for situations that call for a longer leader than the regular euro set up, such as longer casts in gin clear water for fly line shy trout, or for Czech Nymping in deeper faster runs. Also works great for fishing emergers in the surface film without any split shot. And it's much easier to cast in the wind than a conventional indicator.

Our 6" dacron euro is much more sensitive than nyylon or plastic in-line sighters, quickly signaling light takes from wary trout - set on any twitch or change of direction of the end of the Euro during your drift. Our Euros are treated to aid in floatation, however a floatant may be applied from time to time if needed.

In-Line Euro Indicator

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