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San Juan River Essentials Assortment

This 54 piece assortment provides my go-to midge, annelid, and baetis patterns for the San Juan River in a variety of sizes and colors that will imitate all three food sources present in the Quality Water Section of the river. "If you were to take a look in my fly box you would find every one of these patterns - I fish them all the time".  - Greg


Free Magnetic Fly Box included


3 Foam Wing size 20 chocolate

3 Baetis emerger size 20 dk olive

3 baetis nymph size 22xl

6 Curv-e-lid sz 16 red, earthworm

3 Red Annelid size 20

6 Midge larva size 22 cream, red

6 Tav Mac pupa size 22xl cream, dk olive

3 Yong Special Pupa sz 22 brown

3 Mini Mac pupa size 24 dk olive

6 KF Emerger size 24 black, dk olive

6 Micro Kf Emerger size 26 black, dk olive

3 WD40 black size 24

3 Bling midge black size 24

Please note: This assortment is tied up when the order comes in - please allow several days for us to get it in the mail.

San Juan River Fly Assortment

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