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available in 2 mm & 2.5 mm O.D.

(package of 10)

These smooth, high quality rings will save you time & money as you don't need to keep replacing shortened  leaders on the river. Use the 2 mm rings for dry fly (surface tension  will keep the ring from sinking) and lighter tippet nymph set ups, and the 2.5 mm rings for heavier nymph & streamer rigs. Then just replace the tippet when needed instead of constantly shortening your leader as you change flies. You can tie one on the end of a 7 ft. 3x, 4x, or 5x leader, and then add whatever tippet the  conditions call for.

Additionally, the micro tippet ring is a great anchor spot for your split shot or putty weight.

Micro Tippet Ring - 10 pack

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