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Rio Fluoroflex Tapered Trout Leader with 2mm Tippet ring included (see below for set up instructions)

9 ft. 3x  Knotless, Tapered 100% Fluorocarbon Leader for the Utmost in Stealth

RIO's Fluoroflex trout leaders are made of 100% fluorocarbon, and are the perfect solution for when a nearly invisible presentation is required in clear water and for spooky fish. Each leader has high abrasion resistance and excellent tensile and knot strength, and have a long butt section that will turn over flies effortlessly.

Rigging: why 3x instead of 5x or 6x?

With a typical 5x or 6x leader needed to fish tiny midge patterns, after changing flies multiple times it is necessary to add tippet with a surgeons knot - sooner or later you need a new leader. Instead we use a 9 ft 3x leader, and tie the end to a 2mm micro tippet ring. Then we add 12" of 5x tippet to the first fly, then another 12" of 5x or 6x to the 2nd fly. As your tippet shortens after changing flies it is easy to add tippet to the ring, and your main leader will never shorten (lots of $$ Savings). 

 A complimentary 2mm tippet ring is included for you to try this set up.

Rio Fluoroflex Tapered Trout Leader

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