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March 17 - 

Flows have been hovering right around 350 cfs, and the water visibility is slowly getting better –not quite 3 ft yet but close so let’s say 2 3/4 ft.

I fished for about 4 hours today at Lower Flats – the last time I was there was Fall and the flows were 500 cfs. It is like a different river at 350 cfs down there, and just like up above the fish were bunched up in a few spots. Nothing going on in the shallow runs at all, and there was zero bug activity that I could see the whole time I was there. I managed 6 hookups on decent size fish, including a couple browns, from 11 am to around 1 pm at one drop off with all but one taking a cream Tav Mac (it’s a great pattern that imitates a lot of different larva when there isn’t much bug activity). The takes were extremely subtle with just a slight hesitation of the indicator. After they got wise to the Mac I could still see some fish feeding and for the next hour tried just about everything in my box to no avail – I thought for sure they were grabbing baetis nymphs coming down the rocky section above, but whatever they were eating I was not matching.

Didn’t see more than a few other folks hooked up there all morning. The drift boats were hanging out below Lunker alley down to Baetis Bend – I walked out down that way to see what was going on but none of the boats got into any fish as I passed. By the way – not many of the dinks right now in the Lower Flats area.

Anyway, not sure if the weather front that passed through yesterday shut things down bug wise in that area, but I don’t think there are as many fish there as up above (when the boat guides don’t stop there on the way down river that’s a good indication) – if you are headed this way I’d stick to the spots from the Braids on up river.




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