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Sept. 25  

Flows are at 700 cfs – visibility good.

Well this report won’t be of much use to anyone – I’ve only heard from one angler, a regular that mostly gets to the river early and grabs a spot at the top of Texas hole. He usually does well fishing at the top, and the other day he pounded them on the earthworm/orange glo larva combo, never changing flies.  

I know lots of locals (not necessarily customers) that fish the river frequently read this report, but none have shared any info. Obviously this blog isn’t going to work as far as up to date conditions other than the flows without anyone sharing results, so most probably this will be my last report.  I have some other thoughts for information on patterns and sizes throughout the year for those of you planning a visit. Annelids, midges (larva, pupa, emergers at various times of the day) and baetis (fall & spring downriver) are the only bugs you’ll run across – year in and year out the only thing that changes are the sizes. Add in some bunny leeches and soft hackle as a target of opportunity for the fishI’ll be adding a hatch chart for the various months, and also a “Whopper of the Week” page where folks can send in a pic for posting – it won’t need to be caught on the San Juan.

For those of you that have followed my blog over the years, you’ll have read on numerous occasions about how spoiled you can get fishing the San Juan – a bad day there is a great day at many other places around the country. I was reminded of this on my first outing at one of the rivers here about an hour away. I wound up with 7 fish for half a day – a brown, a brook, 2 rainbows and 3 chubs. The biggest was the brown at 10”, the brook was 6” and the others were so small you wouldn’t believe the size if I told you. So I’ve gone from a 20 minute drive for 20” fish to an hour drive for small stockers. But it was good to get out on a river and the scenery was great – everything so green out here. It’s just going to take a different level of expectations for the local waters - I will however look forward to trips back to the Juan from time to time.

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