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June 18

 Flows have leveled off at 500 cfs after the spring release. While the clarity is not as clear as past Junes, at 2 ½ to 3 feet visibility it is a heck of a lot better than it has been this spring, and welcome news for those of us who like to sight fish.

I started out working the banks down below Texas Hole hoping to get into some top water action, but there wasn’t anything going on there in the shallows – the fish were still hanging out in the deeper channel and haven’t spread out down there yet. As drift boats passed by there were numerous hookups for their clients. I went all the way to the bottom and had not even one swirl. As I was working my way down I wondered why not drift boats were at the bottom stretch as it usually holds a ton of fish. When I got down there I saw why – never saw even one.

So I got out of the water and went back upstream to check out the Braids – lots of folks fishing there but by then it was noon and folks were getting out of the water for lunch, and I had a nice hole all to myself that was holding some really nice fish. With the better visibility I could get a good drift down to the feeding fish easily spotted, and for the next hour landed 6 good size fish – 4 of them on a curv-e-lid (they seem to be still looking for the annelids churned up by the release) and another on a size 24 bling midge when a hatch started up. The midges are smaller now – time to pull out the size 24’s and 26’s.

I had hoped to work my way up to the middle flats to see what was happening up there, but if you’ve read my blog regularly you know about my knee issues and around1:00 pm I had to call it a day – driving me crazy!

Anyway – so glad things are back to the good fishing we’re spoiled with. If you are headed this way, bring along size 24 pupa (yongs or mini-mac midges) and sz 24 & 26 emergers– KF emergers, blings, wd-40’s as well as the ever present annelid patterns. If there was any surface activity it was either before I got there or later in the day. Still lots of gunk on the river bottom – the flush didn’t clear it all up.

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