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Sept. 18 - from Navajo Operations:

The Bureau of Reclamation has scheduled a decrease in the release from Navajo Reservoir from 1,200 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 1,000 cfs on Saturday,  September 21st, at 4:00 AM.

Releases are made for the authorized purposes of the Navajo Unit.  Reclamation is continuing to move water to get down to an end of water year target elevation near 6063 ft.

Expected upcoming releases: The release will be further decreased next week, likely to 800 cfs. The release will continue to be slowly decreased throughout October as conditions allow. By the end of the October, the release is expected to be near 500 cfs. This schedule may change as weather and conditions develop in the coming weeks.

In-channel work and studies by the SJRIP will require the release from the Dam to be very low for the first two weeks of November. The release during this time period could be as low as 250 cfs.  

Sept. 11 

Flows are at 1,270 cfs with visibility still about 3 feet.

Having caught up with all of my orders I headed out to the river this morning . While the flows being 1230 are still too bit high to do a lot of wading about sight fishing, it was good to get back out to the river.

First – Yesterday I read on the New Mexico Fish & Game stocking report sight about how there was an issue with mosquitoes – wow talk about an understatement. I started getting attacked as soon as I got out of the car at the Texas Hole lot. So if you are headed this way – bring along a lot of repellant. There is a lot of standing water left over from when the flows were at 1750 cfs and thus the problem. Once you get on the river and the sun warms things up a bit the bugs will slack off, but early on it was awful.

Anyway, I only spent a couple hours on the water this morning but the fishing was excellent.  I got there earlier than usual so went with an annelid and trailed bright stuff behind due to the cloud cover – mercury brassie, rainbow warrior and a dub bug in rust. Lots of little dinks still in the area and they loved the bright stuff, but the bigger fish were all over the annelids. I wound up with 9 hook ups of really nice fish for the 2 hours, although they didn’t all get to the net due to somr of them getting down stream in the current in spots I couldn’t move to get below. Lots of fun though as quite a few made some jumps out of the water. Too many dinks to count - by the way the dinks are growing fast – now up to 7-8 inches from the 5 when they were put in –by next spring and summer they will provide lots of action.

Unfortunately I didn’t last more than the 2 hors of so – just as a hatch was starting (nice size midges 22 mini macs would have been a good match)  I had to head out, but all in all it was an excellent 2 hours. I’m still not sure how much longer the flows will be up this high – they keep sending mixed messages – first it was going to be mid September and now maybe to November before they are lowered a bit. Wading is still tough in spots at this level – a walking stick ir staff is highly recommended – especially along some of the bedrock spots – slippery moss is a big issue – I would have fallen several times without the staff today.


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