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July 10 

Flows are at 825 cfs – water visibility is good.

I had a chance to make it to the river for a bit again today. I tied up some micro midges, including a new modified wd-40  to re-supply my fly box,  and took the walk up to the upper flats again hoping to get some of those slower water fish up there to co-operate. This was my third week in a row to fish that area – the first week was excellent, last week was on the slow side, and today was …. Pathetic!!!

It was an hour and a half before I got bit. I’ve been here 8 years and I don’t ever remember that happening more than a time or two, and that was in bad winter weather. There wasn’t much of a hatch going on, and hardly any surface feeders that I could see, and the few midges I did see were microscopic! My 26’s were way bigger than the midges present – the size 30’s I used to tie were more like it and I had none in the box. There were 8 other anglers in the area for the two hours I was up there – I only 2 other hookups – talk about tough conditions …. You could watch the fish move to inspect the flies and then turn away.

Having had enough I switched over to an in-line euro rig and headed downstream to try and find some fish in faster water. By the way – down at the bottom of the lower flats in the shallow runs there is a HUGE fish hanging out – I got a couple casts at him/her last week, and today I spotted what looked to be the same size fish again – one cast and downstream he drifted – I thought it was a good cast, well upstream so as not to spook, but the fish seemed wise to a fly line both times.  I never gor another cast at him as he drifted out of range and sight.

I picked up a couple fish with a mini mac in the small hole hallway down to middle flats by the rock wall, then went down through the braids (middle flats was crowded) and didn’t see one fish to cast to and the fork I went down. By then I was ready to call it a day but as always I take a peek down the chute that empties into Texas Hole – usually it is packed but today it was empty, and I couldn’t pass up on that opportunity. More times than not the fish are stacked up there feeding below the drop off, and today that was the case – I switched back to the yarn and tied on a mini mac with a dub bug trailing. The next hour and a half was great – I lost count but it had to be close to double digits. Nothing huge but a nice mix of beautifully coloredhard fighting rainbows and browns in the 16-18” range and a couple pushing 20” – The fish close to the drop off hit the mini mac, and the fish farther back slammed the dub bug (used both rust and olive) on the lift to recast.  The top of Texas Hole saved the day!

If you are headed this way try to find some fish feeding in faster water below drop offs – you’ll do a lot better than working the slower sections. Personally I'm done with Upper Flats for a bit - back to sight fishing the shallow runs and drop offs with the Euro.

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