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Nov. 5

Flows have been lowered (winter mode starting) – the gage is reading 311 cfs and the water is still clear.

Yesterday I got in a few hours at the river – I went up the dirt road past cottonwood campground and fished just above the Simon Canyon lot. There was a bit of a cloud cover and I was hoping the baetis hatch would co-operate and I rigged accordingly with a baetis emerger and chocolate baetis under my yarn indicator. With the lower flows it fished a lot differently than last week going through there on the drift boat – much less weight needed (no. 8 is all that you need).

Unfortunately there were just a few baetis coming off, but I still managed 7-8 hookups in the 2 hours I was there. There was however a good midge hatch and I probably should have switched over (too much optimism that the baetis would heat up). There were some anglers up above and down below me fishing dry patterns and picking up some fish. In fact if you want to toss some dries, the Simon Canyon area is a great spot – there are lots of flats to roam around for wading and you could spot fish rising all up and down the area.

The only problem was – if you are an old guy like me with bad knees it is hard wading, as the river bottom there is nothing but moss covered rocks there and I had to leave after a couple hours (good thing I had my wading staff or I would have been on my butt on several occasions). Anyway lots of fish in the area (they won’t be bunched up in the holes like upriver with the low flows), so if you are looking for a different spot to try out it’s worth the drive around.

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