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Flows are at 725 cfs and the water remains crystal clear clear.

I was able to get out to the river for a few hours today – conditions remain the same with the clear water and small midges above Texas Hole. I started out at the bottom of the Braids around 10 am and the first thing I noticed was that there were a lot less fish hanging out in my favorite shallow spots then there have been in the last month or so. It didn’t take too long to spot a couple nice targets though, and I started drifting a couple Dub bugs that were still rigged up from last week. After numerous good drifts using the in-line euro indicator with no interest from the rainbows that was feeding on something, I switched to the micro stuff (there wasn’t much of a hatch going on and the bugs I did spot were really tiny) – a cream micro mac with a black micro zebra tailing. I spent close to ½ an hour casting to those fish, and I wound up getting one of them on the zebra,  but not the other, even after trying different patterns.

I debated moving up to the Middle Flats, but decided to walk down below the boat ramp at Texas Hole to check things out. I hadn’t fished down there for a while, and with the winds low I wanted to try some hoppers along the banks so I switched to a dry leader and a hopper. There are a ton of fish right now down there, but getting them to co-operate is another story. I passed a couple anglers as I worked my way down stream and the both said things were on the slow side. 

I should have started down at the bottom and worked my way upstream, as the fish along the banks immediate spotted the clouds of gunk kicked up wading and zoomed to feed at my feet. But on the way down there some rocky drop offs 20-30 feet out from the bank and there were some nice fish rolling on emergers there, and I got a beautiful fat 19” rainbow to slurp the hopper just as it crossed over the drop off. That was a fun fish as it made several long runs before I got it to the net. I had one other good fish refuse at the last second, and otherwise got no other takers on the hopper. Moving downstream I got a few more smaller fish on a Griffith gnat, but nothing of any size. There were quite a few nice fish down feeding on the river bottom down at the end of Texas Hole where the side channel splits off, and had I stayed a bit longer I would have switched over to a nymph rig, but between my knee and breaking in a new pair of wading boots it was time to get off the water.

All in all somewhat of a slow day today, but the weather was comfortable and it wasn’t overly crowded, so it was a great day to get on the river. By the way the midges were a lot bigger today down below the boat ramp than up above – 22’s & 24’s as compared to the 26’s & 28’s up at the Braids.

Please note: it's that time of year when lots of anglers are hitting the rivers, so right now I have a lot of orders coming in daily. Please allow 3-4 days for your order to get finished and another 2-4 days for the post office to get it to you depending on where you live.

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