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January 19 - next report Friday eve.

January 2 

Flows are at 391 cfs and the water visibility is around 1 foot.

I headed out to the river today to take advantage of the mild temps we’ve been getting, and it was indeed a very pleasant day out there. I’m not a big fan of fishing the deeper holes and runs just casting blindly in the dirty water, so I was hoping to run across some fish in the faster shallows where I could at least see some shadows of fish and have something to cast to. As luck would have it my first stop at one of the Middle Flats runs turned out to be a Bonanza – I wound up taking 6 nice fish that were feeding in less than a foot of water along a 30 foot section. If you weren’t looking for them you would have walked right past them, but if you just stood still and looked for shadows you could see them moving a bit to feed. Four of the six took a size 22 OJ and the other two were on a trailing Red Hot.

Having worked that run for an hour or so I moved to see what was happening in the deeper spots, and it was a different story indeed. There were some other folks fishing in the area and there weren’t too many bent rods that I saw. Things weren’t much different for me. Nada on the OJ/red hot combo – then it dawned on me that it being the day after a holiday weekend the fish had probably been gorging on the zillions of annelids that must have been kicked up by the crowds of wading anglers, so I switched over to a size 14 curv-e-lid with a size 20 red annelid trailing and started picking up a few fish here and there. But to be honest I just wasn’t into the blind casting, especially after that good stretch of action, so before long I decided to move down through the Braids and see if I could find some more shallow fish. I ran across a few more decent fish to make it worth while, but it was lots of searching in between casts to the nicer fish.

You’ll still run across lots of dinks in the deeper spots – the good news is they are growing rapidly and by fall they should be more respectable in size. If you are headed this way for a visit the number of anglers on the river should be down now that the holidays are over, and temps should still be mild once the clock gets past 11 am for the next week or so. Bring along bigger, brighter patterns like OJ’s, Desert Storm, Orange Crush, Annelids, Rainbow Warriors, etc. Next time out I’ll probably try throwing some leech patterns as well – in this off color water they  should be good.





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