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Feb. 16

Flows remain around 280 cfs and the water is still off ccolor. Weather for the most part has been crappy and I have not been out, and from what I've heard conditons remain the same (see below). The forecast for the next week or so is cold and snow - I am SO ready for spring.

Jan. 26

Flows are 280 cfs and visibility is around 1 ½ feet.

Between the weather the past month and my knee I’ve not been able to get on the river for well over a month, so with the weather a bit warmer today (high of 40) I decided to give it a try. I got to the Texas hole lot around 10:30 it was still only 26 degrees, but the sun was out so it wasn’t too bad, other than the fly line freezing to the rod tip for the first hour.

I was hoping to head to the Upper Flats to start and toss some bead head leeches - they usually provide great action during the winter off color conditions – but there are too many rocks up there for me to get around right now so I went to the Middle Flats instead. Most of the fish are bunched up in the holes where they get pounded with these low flows so I wasn’t expecting much, but fishing was actually quite good and I got into some nice size fish to go along with a bunch of the 28,000 dinks that were put in mid week (by the way the Guides Choice hook removal is great to get the little buggers off the hook quickly without hurting them by grabbing!! Not to mention in the cold weather – no need to get your hands wet).

The first hour there was zero bug activity and most of the fish were taken on annelid patterns, with a few on a cream Tav Mac trailing. Around 12:30 there was a small hatch of tiny midges, and I noticed some fish feeding at the drop off of the hole so I switched the trailer to a size 26 Micro KF emerger, and would get bit at times with that, but the majority of the fish ate the annelids. I never got around to trying much else since they were working so well.

Two tips to pass on – 1) a good number of the bigger fish hit the annelid as I was lifting to recast, so give a slow lift at first when you start back. 2) with the low flows a lot of the takes are really tiny – with all the dinks around you might think the tiny tick of your indicator is a small fish but not necessarily – the big-uns are sucking it in and spitting it out really fast. With 1 ½ feet visibility you can still see the shadows at times of the bigger fish as they move off after you miss the set.

Looks like the weather for the next 10 days will be about the same so if you are headed this way there is some good fishing to be had. I'm not sure when I'll be back on the water - I had to get out after only 3 hours. Feel free to email me whart's working for you if you are going to be on the river and I'll pass it along to everyone here.

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