Dries & Soft Hackles

It is nearly impossible to top the moment a nice fish sips your dry fly offering and you lift your rod to a successful hook set. To some this is the purest form of fly fishing. While more fish are caught on sub-surface nymphs, the satisfaction of making a successful drag free presentation to a surface feeding trout is hard to beat. Due to the rising costs and availability of good hackle to independent tiers, the majority of our dry patterns are outsourced from Colorado's Alpine Tackle. We offer their high quality patterns priced well below retail.

And as far as soft hackles, there are volumes written on how to fish them. Use your imagination – swing them, dead drift them like you would a midge or nymph – even cast them to trout sipping adults in shallow water. On many occasions I’ve taken nice fish on these bigger offerings in the middle of a midge hatch when the fish are aggressive. Takes can be very savage – I’ve learned the hard way to make sure my drag is loose. You will be hard pressed to find more versatile or effective patterns than soft hackle wet flies, and it’s always fun to learn something new.



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